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AML/CTF Compliance for
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KYC Assist - know your customer (KYC)

Gaming venues in Australia, including Hotels, Clubs and Pubs licensed to operate 16 or more gaming machines must have an Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) program.

Ongoing customer due diligence must be ‘proactive’.

Gaming Venue AML/CTF programs must include risk-based systems and controls for Ongoing customer due diligence, which are ‘proactive’ according to AUSTRAC guidance. These include the ongoing monitoring of gaming, keeping KYC information up to date and enhanced customer due diligence. 

These ongoing ‘due diligence’ checks help gaming venues identify unusual transactions and behaviour, to identify and manage high-risk customers and feed into the senior management approval process for continued gaming and whether a suspicious matter report should be lodged with AUSTRAC.

Using KYC Assist

ECDD Compliance Services works with leading technology and digital identity service providers to provide 'KYC Assist’ to assist gaming venues with enhanced customer due diligence. 

These include Scantek which has grown from providing intelligent physical ID scanning solutions to a global digital solution to suit a range of industries on both a national and international level.

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Important terms

This enhanced customer due diligence assist service is designed for use in addition to the gaming venue’s customer identification procedures for large wins. If you are unsure of your regulatory obligations, contact GOVLAW.

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